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Bluntpages is the newest professional platform for enthusiasts and exhibitors.

We intend for the community to be a driving force behind our project, encouraging meaningful connections and relationships in our community is what inspires us. As growing a business relies on building strong links, being open to new possibilities and elevating each other as a community first. We are here to help you on your journey to building a business, investing in one or working in one of the growing industries today. We will help you succeed.


Our Mission

Our mission at Bluntpages, like most other legitimate businesses, is to support the legalization and legitimizing of the industry and working on growing a responsible and inclusive social, economic and legal environment for that industry.


Our Story

The businesses and companies listed on our platform offer a big range of services and products in the marijuana, cannabis, hemp industry and marketplace.

The future of this industry relies on giving businesses the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our platform helps connect the consumer with remarkable services that we have vetted to ensure the standard of their service and products.

Whether you’re a consumer looking to improve your well-being, or a business looking to be enlisted in our Bluntpages directory for better exposure and opportunity, we will make it our priority to offer you the support and means to realize your goal.

Our Vision

At Bluntpages, our vision is clear. We strive to become the biggest cannabis B2B marketplace platform network and relationship management for cannabis producers, brands, retailers and products.

We believe that all brands have the potential to grow and expand with the right use of digital technologies, to achieve more success in this blooming industry.

Our ancillary technology is special and does not involve dealing directly with products.

How it works


Search for a specific marijuana service or browser via our index which lists 1000’s of businesses.


Read the corresponding profile for the exhibitor you search, which contains detailed  along with business overviews with each page.

Make sure to submit your information if you wish for your business to be listed here. Your request will be reviewed by our customer service department, and your listing in the Bluntpages directory will be complete with our help.

You can contact us for quicker service or to schedule a complimentary business listing consulation as well.

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